Greetings from Henchmen #2

Hey Guys! Henchmen #2 here.

So much has gone on in the last couple of days!! Man that wedding... I almost pissed myself!

Can't say much right now.. but the Monarch will return when this whole ordeal is over... I mean I can't believe... ah crap! Gotta Go!

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Henching Opportunities!!!

I posted this in my Deviant Art journal earlier-

Finally henchmen #1 got the Hechmen Application up on my website. (With the supervision of #2 reviewing over the process. Maybe I am over staffed...)

I shall only be taking the best of the best!!!

Henchmen #1 and #2 will be reviewing over the applications, and sending out henching licenses to those of you who will be apart of "Team Monarch!"

Do not disappoint me!

That is all.

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Need New Henchmen

Super sorry!
It's hard keeping up with my LJ lately, what with all of my sexy new plans against VENTURE. That- and the henchmen have been hogging up MY computer! No worries, they were dealt with in a timely manner. Needless to say, they will NEVER touch the computer AGAIN.

Lost some more henchmen on Friday at the Venture compound. (CURSE YOU VENTURE!!!) So that leaves some new spots open.

In effort to keep our Guild costs low, I'm having Henchmen #1 set up an online submission form to recruit new henchmen. All of you are welcome to submit, but only the BEST will be MY new henchmen!!

I'll inform you all when that comes online. (Or you guys can check for yourselves at )

Also I've started putting up some of my artwork on this page called "Deviant Art." I like the sound of that.. Deviant... art. Of course there's nothing too "Deviant" about it.. just a bunch of wide eye freak drawings, and some... "furry" art. Blec! No matter, it serves a purpose!

Go my minions - go see the ART OF THE MONARCH!!!

That is all.

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Begone Mr. Mumble-ger!

Finally Dr. Whats-his-face-Mumbles left the cocoon! Can you believe the nerve of that guy!!! He didn't even want to kill Venture!! What a total dick!

So I got a new LJ... didn't want the taint of jollyrancher82 to follow me. She's so below me!!! Especially with pook'ems potentially in the picture...

Oh love-in-stuff... have you come back for good?